Shanna's Quotations are some of the most memorable quotations made by Shanna Henderson in season two of The Glee Project.

Shanna's QuotesEdit


Shanna Henderson

Fourteen people? We only thought there was gonna be twelve. That's just one more person I have to compete against. Actually, two more people I have to compete against.

—Shanna, Individuality (Season 2)

If I go home, I go back to a life as a broke college student, which is just not for me.

—Shanna, Individuality (Season 2)

You drink everything like this - you look like a sweet, little mouse.

—Shanna, to Nellie, about how she holds her cup with both hands, Vulnerability (Season 2)

I don't know this song from Adam.

—Shanna, about Price Tag, Adaptability

Are we shaking our butts while we're doing this?

—Shanna, about bending over in front of the judges, Fearlessness

Keep believing in yourself. Belt to Jesus when times are down and belt to Jesus when times are up because he will help you through anything.

—Shanna., Shanna's Tumblr

Every time I move, the smell of my dress is nauseating, where your mouth just starts watering, and your eyes are watering, because you're about to throw up.

—Shanna, about her meat dress, Theatricality (Season 2)

I'm a little nervous about being with Michael because his homework feedback isn't always the best.

—Shanna, about being paired up with Michael in the HWA, Romanticality

I don't get negative feedback. In like, partner work, you have to just really use each other, and I don't know that Michael was willing to really use us together.

—Shanna, about the HWA, Romanticality

We have to outshine Blake and Ali, because everyone's talking about Blake and Ali. No! It's gonna be the Aylin and Shanna show. Just wait.

—Shanna, Romanticality

Aylin: We're gonna drill this until...
Shanna: Until we're gay together.

—Shanna and Aylin, Romanticality

I have never been in the bottom. I'm utterly shocked that it is us three in the bottom three. I definitely thought that I had reason to be there and we all had reason to be there, but I feel like Michael had more reason than all of us.

—Shanna, Romanticality

I don't think I said hardly any of the words right, but I felt great about the way it sounded.

—Shanna, when Ryan asked how she felt about her LCP, Romanticality

I'm gonna keep on going towards my dreams with two suitcases in my hand and like 20 bucks in my pocket.

—Shanna, after being eliminated, Romanticality

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