Season Parallels is a page to describe the similarities between Season One and Two of The Glee Project.

Episode SpecificEdit

1. Individuality - IndividualityEdit

Parallel Individuality Individuality
The cheese lamp is referenced By Hannah By Nellie (not shown), and Charlie
Bottom 3 is male-male-female and the final male to perform an LCP is eliminated Damian, Ellis, & Bryce is eliminated Tyler, Aylin, & Maxfield is eliminated
Someone is unsure of what the Bottom Three means Damian doesn't know if its a good or bad thing Aylin mentions its either a blessing or the end of her dreams
A female in the bottom three is said to have lost her personality Ellis Aylin
Two out of the three LCP songs have been released as a single by Glee Jessie's Girl & Just the Way You Are Without You & ABC
Someone considers themselves a nerd Cameron Michael
The Music Video takes place at a school Firework Here I Go Again
This episode features the lowest ratings of the season (So far), with them continually increasing 0.455 million 0.389 million
A contestant in the bottom three eventually makes it to the final Damian Aylin

2. Theatricality - Dance-abilityEdit

Parallel Theatricality Dance-ability
Someone is in the Bottom Three for a second week in a row Ellis Tyler
Samuel Larsen makes an appearance As a contestant As a guest mentor
A male who's name starts with an A and is often teased,
being called gay, wins the homework assignment
Alex Abraham
Two people share a kiss during the Music Video Ellis and an extra Aylin and Blake, and the rest of the contenders during spin the bottle.
Someones attitude puts them in the Bottom Three Ellis Lily Mae
The first female person to appear in the choir room in both Individuality episodes goes home in the second episode. Ellis Dani
The person who is sent home appears on Glee Ellis Dani

3. Vulnerability - VulnerabilityEdit

Parallel Vulnerability Vulnerability
The music video is a song not to be covered yet on Glee Mad World Everybody Hurts
Someone mentions being biracial as their vulnerability McKynleigh Tyler
The music video ended with the entire group, side-by-side, singing back-up for the homework winner Matheus, singing Mad World Nellie, with Everybody Hurts
Someone has problems on being "sexy" instead of vulnerable, and has an issue during shooting Emily, can't stop laughing during video the shoot Lily Mae, trouble with lip-synching
The bottom 3 are two males and a female Damian, Cameron and Emily Charlie, Mario and Lily Mae

4. Dance-ability - SexualityEdit

Parallel Dance-ability Sexuality
A unique style of singing is performed Rapping, by all contenders in the Music Video Beatboxing, by Charlie and Nellie in the Homework Assignment
The guest mentor portrayed a member of Glee's "New Directions" who graduated in Season Three Harry Shum Jr.'s "Mike Chang" Naya Rivera's "Santana Lopez"
A bi-racial who is part of the LGBT community and has previously been in the Bottom Three is sent home McKynleigh Tyler
A male contender tries to take direction into his own hands Matheus tries to take direction of Damian, and the rest of the scene Charlie tries to direct the final scene of the group number, instead of listening to Erik.
Someone is uncomfortable with the theme, but arises on top and is first on the called back list. Damian, with dancing Nellie, with being sexy
Someone forgets the lyrics during their Last Chance Performance Matheus, in Down Michael, in Lucky

5. Pairability - AdaptabilityEdit

Parallel Pairability Adaptability
The mentor is a currently junior (in Glee's Season 3), male member of New Directions and is mentoring for the 2nd time Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams)
The mentor has played a gay character on Glee Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson Kevin McHale as Santana Lopez (In the episode "Props")
The competition that week has a twist in three parts of the episode

1. The prize of the HWA winner is to choose his partner for the MV, not to have a stand out moment on the MV

2. There are four music videos instead of one

3. To decipher the bottom three, the bottom three couples perform duets

1. Instead of singing the homework assignment as a group, it is sung individually

2. They are not told what the music video will be

3. To decipher the bottom three, the bottom six sing duets

The Bottom Six sing duets Hannah & Alex, Lindsay & Cameron, and Damian & Matheus Nellie & Blake, Abraham & Ali, and Charlie & Mario
The bottom three are all males, all three have A, C and M as the first letter in their names. Alex, Cameron and Matheus Abraham, Charlie and Mario
Someone whose name starts with "Ma" and has a disability is sent home Matheus Mario
The Homework Assignment has the word "You" somewhere in the title Need You Now You Oughta Know
Contenders are wearing fancy clothes in the music video Marissa, Matheus, & Damian in The Lady Is A Tramp Everybody except Shanna and Abraham in Price Tag
The person that is sent home speaks another language fluently Matheus Mario

6. Tenacity - FearlessnessEdit

Parallel Tenacity Fearlessness
The music video is a mash-up, which involves slushies Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another
The mentor has something to do with sports at McKinley Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) is part of the football team Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) is the Cheerios coach
There are two songs covered by Glee, at least one song from season one Hate On Me and And I'm Telling You Take a Bow
There is a cameo appearance in the Music Video, and he slushies one or more of the contenders Max Adler as Dave Karofsky slushies everybody in the Music Video Rock Anthony as Rick "The Stick" Nelson slushies Aylin
The homework assignment has not been sung on Glee. Bulletproof Now That We Found Love
Somebody has problems with the temperature of the slushies Cameron Ali
A unique style of shooting or screening is used in the music video Backwards Underwater
A contender who gets eliminated in this episode mentions Ryan Murphy in their LCP song. Marissa - Hate On Me Charlie - It's Not Unusual
The HWA winner of episode 5 is in this week's bottom three. Marissa Aylin
There is rapping in the episode In Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby In Now That We Found Love
A contender that had never received negative criticism in a HWA was sent home. Marissa Charlie
This episode features the longest LCP by someone who has previously performed for Ryan Alex singing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, 2:16 seconds Nellie singing If I Were A Boy, 1:51 seconds
The music video takes place in a high school Classroom, hallway, washroom Swimming pool

7. Sexuality - TheatricalityEdit

Parallel Sexuality Theatricality

The music video is originally sung only by women

Teenage Dream, by Katy Perry When I Grow Up, by the Pussycat dolls
At least two contenders dress up as somebody else Lindsay and Damian as a McKinley cheerio and jock

Everybody as famous pop stars

At least one contender plays a gay character in the MV Alex and Samuel Blake as Boy George
In the MV, at least one contender plays with food in a sexy way Hannah and Cameron Aylin (soda cans)
Someone has trouble being sexy, and ultimately leaves that week Cameron, during the Music Video shoot Nellie, while portraying Britney Spears
The Fan Favorite Winner of the whole competition went home in this episode Cameron Nellie
A contender who's name starts with A and was bullied for being femenine is in the bottom 3 Alex Abraham

8. Believability - TenacityEdit

Parallel Believability Tenacity

The mentor is part of the "original six" members of New Directions

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)
The mentor has sung the Homework Assignment song on Glee True Colors Survivor
Someone breaks down to tears while recording or shooting the MV Alex, in the recording booth Ali, during the video shoot
A female contender with 'Li' in their name who was in the bottom three, was given a showtune as her LCP and was called back for next week Lindsay (Maybe This Time) Lily Mae (I'm The Greatest Star)
A contender with "Ha" in her/his name was sent home Hannah Abraham

9. Generosity - RomanticalityEdit

Parallel Generosity Romanticality
The mentors have mentored on both seasons, and they have both mentored on episode five Kevin McHale (Artie Abrahams) Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson)
The theme was unique to its' season Generosity Romanticality
In some way, the contenders are partnered up with another person in the music video. SING - A child for each remaining contender We Found Love - Another contender
The Homework winner performs for Ryan Lindsay Blake
Every song in the episode was performed on Glee, except for one His Eye Is On the Sparrow More Than Words

10. Glee-ality - ActabilityEdit

Parallel Glee-ality Actability
The music video is a P!nk song from the same album and is sung by Blaine and Kurt on Glee Raise Your Glass Perfect
The Music Video has spoken parts All the eliminated contenders have one spoken line Every contender has spoken lines
Every contender left gets to sing a solo Samuel, Damian, Lindsay and Alex each sing their finale song Michael, Lily, Ali, Blake and Aylin all have to do Last Chance Performances
There is a twist in the competition involving a pair of contenders. Samuel and Damian have both won the entire competition Michael and Lily are both eliminated in the same episode

Theme SpecificEdit

Dance-ability - Dance-abilityEdit

Parallel Season One Season Two
A female does the backwards worm for the music video Hannah, in U Can't Touch This Lily Mae, in Party Rock Anthem
The guest mentor has played Mike Chang on Glee Harry Shum Jr., played him the entire series Samuel Larsen, played him in Season 3, Episode 20, "Props"
The music video involves rapping U Can't Touch This Party Rock Anthem
Michael Jackson is referenced By Samuel By Abraham and Samuel
The word "Skadoosh" is said By Hannah and Samuel By Samuel
The HWA winner has an unusual hairstyle Samuel has dreadlocks Abraham had red hair
The eliminated contender is openly lesbian McKynleigh Dani

Sexuality - SexualityEdit

Parallel Season One Season Two
The homework assignment was sung on Glee in Season One Like A Virgin I Wanna Sex You Up
The music video (not including Milkshake) was covered on Glee. Teenage Dream Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake
A contender struggles with being sexy Cameron Shanna
The Bottom Three consisted of all males Alex, Damian, and Cameron Charlie, Tyler, and Michael
A contender that has been called a nerd (by a mentor or by himself) is eliminated Cameron, called by himself Tyler, called by Samuel Larsen
Glee costumes are used Lindsay and Damian dress up as a Cheerio and a Jock Lily Mae wears the same dress Mercedes wore in Heart
Someone is said to have grown throughout the competition by Ryan Murphy before originally being eliminated Damian Tyler

Theatricality - TheatricalityEdit

Parallel Season One Season Two
The music video was not covered by Glee, is a dream sequence, and starts with a W We're Not Gonna Take It When I Grow Up
The contenders portray rockstars for the Music Video General rock performers David Bowie, Boy George, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Cyndi Lauper
The HWA winner starts with "AL" Alex Ali
The guest mentor's Glee character has competed and lost against the New Directions Idina Menzel as Shelby Corcoran (The Troubletones) in "Hold Onto Sixteen" Grant Gustin as Sebastian Smythe (The Warblers) in "On My Way"
The music video is a dream sequence Alex fantasizes about being in a rock group The contenders dream about being their favorite pop stars
The eliminated contestant performed a LCP the previous week Ellis Nellie
In the MV, a male contestant has something painted on his face All male contestants Abraham
A female, brunette contender with short hair, and with "elli" in her name, was sent home. Ellis Nellie

Tenacity - TenacityEdit

Parallel Season One Season Two
The music video was not sung on Glee (without Ice Ice Baby) Under Pressure (from Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby ) Eye Of The Tiger
The guest mentor was a student at McKinley High Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)
There are 7 contenders left Marissa, Cameron, Alex, Lindsay, Hannah, Damian, and Samuel Abraham, Ali, Lily, Aylin, Michael, Blake, and Shanna
A specific obstacle makes the contenders struggle during the music video Slushies Doing the music video in one take/shot
The guest mentor had been a football player at McKinley High Max Adler - Dave Karofsky Amber Riley - Mercedes Jones
The HWA winner was a female, and was also the HWA winner of the previous week Marissa Ali
The bottom three were two males and a female Cameron, Alex and Marissa Abraham, Michael and Lily Mae
A contestant in the bottom three is given a showtune as his/her LCP and is called back for next week Alex (And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going) Lily Mae (I'm The Greatest Star)

Glee-ality - Glee-alityEdit

Parallel Season One Season Two
The guest mentor is openly gay Ryan Murphy Chris Colfer
The episode is the finale episode Glee-ality Glee-ality
The HWA song is the final song performed in a Glee Season Premiere Don't Stop Believin' in Season One's "Pilot" You Can't Stop The Beat in Season Three's "The Purple Piano Project"
There is one gender left for the finale Lindsay - last female Blake - last male
Someone says the word or uses the word "b!tch" in a way. Emily - "I'm back gleeatch!" Charlie - "We're back b!tches."
This episode features Damian McGinty Jr. and Samuel Larsen Both as contenders and eventually winners Damian in a cameo in the Music Video and as part of the finale audience, Samuel also as part of the finale audience
One of the finalists performed an LCP in the first episode Damian McGinty Jr. Aylin Bayramoglu
A finalist had a total of five LCPs on the whole competition. Damian sung Jessie's Girl, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Danny Boy, I've Gotta Be Me and Beyond the Sea. Aylin performed Without You, Take A Bow, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Fighter and Rolling in the Deep.
The winner(s) is/are male Damian and Samuel Blake
The winner was some other contender's crush Damian was Hannah's crush Blake was Lily Mae's crush
A female contender chooses a showtune as her final performance, which is sung by a Broadway actress whose role in said Musical earned her a Tony nomination Lindsay sings Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie, originally by Sutton Foster (who won a Tony for her performance) Ali sings Popular from Wicked, originally by Kristin Chenoweth
The music video wasn't performed by New Directions in Glee Raise Your Glass, by The Warblers Tonight Tonight, not yet covered in Glee
The winner(s) ironically sing first in the music video. Samuel and Damian sing first in Raise Your Glass Blake sings first in Tonight Tonight
The winner tried to get a part on Glee before Samuel auditioned for Sam Blake auditioned for Blaine, a dancing football player named Strando, a mean jock, and Mercedes's boyfriend

Non-Episode SpecificEdit

Parallel Season One Season Two
The music video starts with the contenders wearing specific clothing, and ending stripping down to a plain white shirt Mad World (Vulnerability) Price Tag (Adaptability)
Ryan decides not to send anyone home and the
bottom contestants sing Keep Holding On
Generosity Vulnerability
There is a dream sequence where they picture
themselves as rockstars, and the HW winner has
a high note
We're Not Gonna Take It (Theatricality) Here I Go Again (Individuality)
A country singer leaves early in the competition McKynleigh, leaving in Episode 4 (Dance-ability) Maxfield, leaving in Episode 1 (Individuality)
The music video is a mash-up of one
song done on Glee, and another not
Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby (Tenacity) Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake (Sexuality)
Early in the competition, the Homework Assignment starts with the letter "B" and is a Lady Gaga song Bad Romance (Theatricality) Born This Way (Individuality)
Someone in the Bottom Three alters the lyrics to their song Damian in Jessie's Girl, who misread them (Individuality) Michael in Lucky, who choked (Sexuality) and Charlie in It's Not Unusual, who did it on purpose (Fearlessness)
The homework assignment is sung individually, the week after the "Sexuality" episode True Colors (Believability) You Oughta Know (Adaptability)
Someone is applauded by Ryan after they insert his name in their Last Chance Performance and are eliminated in that episode Marissa in Hate on Me (Tenacity) Charlie in It's Not Unusual (Fearlessness)
A contender is in the Bottom Three for fading into the background Damian (Individuality) Tyler (Sexuality)
Someone sings an Elton John song for their last chance performance and are saved, but later leave in Sexuality Cameron singing Your Song (Vulnerability) Tyler singing Daniel (Dance-ability)

The Homework Assignment is sung as a solo by each of the contenders and not as a group number

True Colors (Believability)

You Oughta Know (Adaptability)

Early in the competition, a bonus video has something to do with dress-up McKynleigh pretends to be Damian Charlie and Blake dress up as superheros
A contender sings a funny song while waiting Damian sings his Irish rap Charlie sings a song about selling milkshakes
A contender who's name starts with L dresses up as a Cheerio for a music video Lindsay in Teenage Dream (Sexuality) Lily Mae in Everybody Hurts (Vulnerability)
A female, brunette, adopted contender wins the homework assignment, the mentor is part of the original six members of New Directions, and there is no elimination in that episode Lindsay, and Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) as a mentor (Generosity) Nellie, and Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) as a mentor (Vulnerability)
A tall contender was eliminated on July 10. McKynleigh - (5'9) Charlie - (6'2)
A confession is used more than once Lindsay says ``He looks so uncomfortable``in Pair-Ability and Tenacity. In reality, she said it only in tenacity about Damian being slushied Aylin says she is a Turkish Muslim in every episode and Michael says that he thinks math is sexy more than once
The Homework Assignment for an episode with pairs has three words. Need You Now (Pairability) More Than Words (Romanticality)
The winner of a Homework Assignment performed in pairs gets to choose her/his partner for the Music Video, and it's someone of the opposite sex. Marissa chooses Samuel (Pairability) Blake chooses Ali (Romanticality)
The Mentor for a Homework Assignment performed in pairs is Darren Criss. Pairability Romanticality
The contenders perform in three pairs with one pair playing a same-sex couple whose names start with S and A. Samuel and Alex (Sexuality) Shanna and Aylin (Romanticality)
A contender wants to be paired up with someone else. Hannah wanted to be paired up with Damian (Sexuality) Lily Mae wanted to be paired up with Blake (Romanticality)
A contender who has never received negative criticism until a certain episode is eliminated Marissa (Tenacity) Shanna (Romanticality)
The person who won the HWA does a Last Chance Performance is sent home, and is one of the last people to go home. They also receive fifth place in the competition and are the last people to be eliminated. Hannah - Placed 5th in the competition Michael - Tied with Lily Mae for 5th place.
In the episode before the finale, all the contenders left perform for Ryan and there is a twist in the elimination. There is no eliminated (Generosity) There is a double elimination (Actability)
A female contender who has weight issues or has called herself a "big girl" was the last one eliminated before the finale and had a crush on one of the winners. Hannah (eliminated in Believability) had a crush on Damian Lily Mae (eliminated in Actability), had a crush on Blake
The person who won the HWA in Vulnerability is eliminated after being in the bottom three the week before they were eliminated Matheus - Pairability, was in the bottom during Dance-ability Nellie - Theatricality, was in the bottom during Fearlessness.
Darren Criss mentored the winner Samuel in Pairability (as Marissa, having won the HWA, chose him as his partner) Blake in Romanticality
There is a bromance in the show, and the winner is part of it and also the first half of the ship's name Dameron Blichael
The winner was 2nd place as Fan Favorite Damian Blake
The last person to get a solo in the first Music Video of the Season, placed 12th in the competition Bryce in Firework Dani in The Edge of Glory
The HWA winner of the episode before the finale goes home that same week Hannah Michael
At least one finalist received negative feedback in a HWA only once through the whole competition, this being in Vulnerability week Samuel and Lindsay Ali
A contender with his/her name starting with "S," late in the competition, performs his/her first Last Chance Performance, that in Glee is sung by a rival choir with members that were members of New Directions Samuel, that sings Animal, sung on Glee by The Warblers Shanna, that sings What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger), sung on Glee by The Troubletones
The homework winner for Individuality is eliminated the week where the contenders are paired up in the main music video(s). Matheus, Pairability Shanna, Romanticality
A contender who was eliminated early on auditions for a singing competition televised before/after their season of The Glee Project aired. Bryce, Auditioned for The Voice in Season 3, (2012, After TGP Season 1.) Dani, Auditioned for America's Got Talent Season 6, (2011, Before TGP Season 2)
A contender reveals that they are homosexual after their season of The Glee Project is over. McKynleigh Ali
A contender who didn't win makes an appearance on glee Ellis Ali and Dani

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