Samuel-Marissa Relationship
Nickname Samrissa
Intimacy Level Kissed during the Don't You Want Me video shoot
Status Friends

The Samuel-Marissa Relationship is the relationship between Samuel Larsen and Marissa von Bleicken. They are often referred to as Samrissa, but it was also called Marissam on the show.

Episodes WithEdit

Dance-ability (Season 1)Edit

  • When Marissa booty pops, Samuel can be seen enjoying it.


  • She picks Samuel to be her partner for the music video.
  • She surprises him with a kiss when asked.
  • Samuel is excited to hear she picked him to be his partner.
  • When she kisses him, Samuel keeps kissing her after they are done filming.
  • Samuel creates a portmanteau for him and Marissa (a couple nickname made by combining their names) called "Marissam."
  • At one point during the episode he twirls around goofily. Gif

Tenacity (Season 1)Edit

  • He gets upset when Marissa is eliminated.
  • Samuel said he missed her more than anyone else.


  • Marissa wrote in her "Pairability" blog that "Samuel was an excellent partner for the music video. He is a very focused, serious actor, which is something I really admire and appreciate. I think the song was chosen for us because it has an intensity behind it that would complement Sam and me as a pair, as we both have been told by the mentors that we tend to have intense presences on camera."
  • Samuel said in an interview that “When I had to do ‘Don’t You Want Me’ with Marissa, I was hanging out with her the entire time to get more friendly so we could do it better.” Source
  • Samuel wrote in his Pairability blog "I was stoked, and shocked, when Marissa chose me to be her duet partner. She is the one out of the 12 that I have known the longest and she is a gorgeous girl so I was immediately excited to work with her" and "I was excited to sing “Don’t You Want Me Baby” with Marissa. I loved watching Darren and Lea do it on GLEE so I was thrilled to get a chance to belt it out myself. I think Robert and Darren chose this song for us because it’s a classic song with a modern twist and I feel like both Marissa and I relate to that. I was shocked, and stoked, when Marissa kissed me during the music video. I feel like it was a great way to get a genuine response out of me on camera because I did not see it coming! It felt amazing when Marissa and I were the only two that were safe. It’s always nice to get off scratch free and it was an honor that my partner was the one that got to share that freedom with me. I was nervous after our video and to get that kind of recognition for it felt amazing."
  • Samuel wrote in his Tenacity blog "I was shocked when Marissa was eliminated. She was the last person in that bottom three that I thought would go, especially since she won two homework assignments in a row. Having worked hand-in-hand with her last week I know how amazing she is and I was sad to see her go. Saying goodbye to her hurt me more than saying goodbye to anyone else."
  • In his "Sexuality" blog, (which happened AFTER Marissa was eliminated), Samuel wrote that he felt worried about his and Alex's chemistry in Teenage Dream because "You know, working with Marissa for “Don’t You Want Me” I knew that our on camera chemistry would be there because I could feel that we had that chemistry between us. It was interesting with Alex because we had to create that chemistry because it wasn’t there naturally as it was with Marissa."
  • Marissa tweeted "Kissing Sam was entertaining because he wasn't expecting it... could be much worse!"
  • Marissa tweeted "Sam is very good at handling the intensity of acting direction... definitely a compatible partner #TheGleeProject"
  • Samuel said his favorite video to shoot during the season was Don't You Want Me, saying "I liked working with Marissa, it was a really good time. It worked." Source

Episodes AgainstEdit

Tenacity (Season 1)Edit

  • Samuel got jealous when Marissa won the homework assignment in Tenacity.


  • Marissa said she chose Samuel for 'business purposes' in her blog. She felt he would be a better partner than Cameron as he is more relaxed and open to try new things.
  • Samuel said he does not have a crush on Marissa.


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