Hannah samuel
Sannah is a fictional relationship between Samuel Larsen and Hannah Mclalwain

Episodes WithEdit

Dance-ability (Season 1)Edit

  • Samuel apologized to Hannah for using her "Skadoosh" thing and she forgave him.

Sexuality (Season 1)Edit


  • Samuel had to pretend he was in love with Hannah in The Only Exception.
  • Samuel said he was having a tough time pretending to love Hannah because he was thinking of a girl from his past who had hurt him immensely and it made him shutbdon, showing that his performance had nothing to do with how he may or may not have felt about Hannah.


  • Hannah said in her Individuality (Season 1) blog that Samuel was very quiet, which some people thought was arrogance, but she wanted to get to know him better.
  • Hannah said in her Dance-ability (Season 1) blog that "When Sam took credit for my signature rapping sound, “skadoosh,” I was a little hurt at first. I just felt like he was getting rewarded for something that wasn't necessarily his idea. But after I thought about it, I realized that Sam wasn't purposely trying to upset me or take credit for anything. He was just given an opportunity to stand out as the homework winner and he took it. I love that kid no matter what. :)"
  • They would go to church together at the school where they film Glee.
  • Samuel said in his "Vulnerability" blog that "I was very sad when Hannah was eliminated. In the beginning, seeing people leave wasn’t that bad because there were still so many of us left. But since we were a small, tight family I hated seeing her go. I just knew that things would be less joyful and light now that she was leaving. Love You Hannah!"


  • Hannah said she had a crush on Damian.
  • She also said Lindsay was her best friend during the Glee Project.
  • It was difficult for Samuel to act like he loved Hannah.

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