Damian samuel
This is a fictional relationship between Samuel and Damian. Nicknames include Samian and Damuel.

Episodes WithEdit

Theatricality (Season 1)Edit

  • Samuel can be seen laughing and dancing to Damian's Irish Rap.


  • In the bonus video where the group is waiting for the bottom 3, Samuel is comforting and discussing the possible eliminations with Damian.

Sexuality (Season 1)Edit

  • When Samuel, Lindsay and Hannah are discussing the bottom 3 Samuel says he's not worried at all that Damian will be going home.


  • They both won 7-episode arcs on glee.
  • Samuel said in an interview with Reality Wanted "When Ryan said Damian had won, too, it was almost like I’d won twice. I had told Damian many, many times if I don’t win, I want you to win. I connected to him, and we had a really great brotherhood."
  • Samuel said in an interview with that "[Damian] is like my brother and I told him backstage before we went on to do our last song that if I don’t get this, I want you to get this. He is a really, really cool kid and I know more than anything, above talent or anything, I know how humble he is so I knew he could handle it." He also said that that they watched Damian's Glee premiere episode together, adding "He killed it. He is truly amazing."
  • Samuel wrote in his "Glee-Ality" blog that "When Ryan said Damian won too, it really felt like I had won twice. I had told him on numerous occasions that If I didn’t win that I would want him to. He is such a humble guy and him and I just became brothers while filming the Project. I really get that guy and I was thrilled to share our dreams coming true with him, It was like we both knew exactly how the other felt and we didn’t have to freak out alone."
  • When asked who his biggest competition in the final four was, Samuel said something about each contestant, adding "And Damian, you just talk to Damian and ideas run through your head. If I had to write a role for a television show, Damian would be simple." Source
  • When asked the same question, Damian mentioned all the contenders and had this to say about Samuel: ." Samuel is different. He has the rocker style. He is very much unique as in there is nothing like him on Glee, and he has a great voice. And he has been probably the most consistent in the competition, and hasn't been in the bottom three very often." Source
  • Sam tweeted "Happy birthday mr. @damianmcginty I love you do much man. Promise I'll see you soon."

Episodes AgainstEdit


  • Damian looked jealous when Marissa kissed Samuel.

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