Cameron and samuel
This is a fictional relationship between Cameron and Samuel. Nicknames for this relationship include Camuel and Sameron.

Episodes WithEdit

Individuality (Season 1)Edit

  • Samuel tries to teach Cameron to dance.
  • They sing to each other and do the same hand motions while looking at each other during part of Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours), like they planned the choreography that way.

Dance-ability (Season 1)Edit

  • They are in the same group.
  • Alex said he let Samuel win his first homework assignment, which makes him upset. Samuel says Alex was bluffing and Cameron agrees.


  • They're playing pool together.

Sexuality (Season 1)Edit

  • Samuel jokes around with Cameron, asking him "Would it be weird if I hit on you?" while blocking Like A Virgin.
    • He pretends he is going to lick Cameron during this.
  • Cameron tells him "Do what you want!" when he asks if it would be weird to hit on him.


  • They were both called ninjas by Hannah.
  • Samuel wrote in his "Sexuality" blog "I was so sad to see my brother Cameron go, but at the end of the day he did what he had to do. I mean, I know a lot of us here would do anything to win this role, and if he didn’t feel like he was willing to go the extra mile then I think it’s honorable and fair that he quit. I’m not worried about Cam, he's gonna make it no matter what."



  • They had very different reactions when being kissed in Pair-ability.
  • Cameron said that Damian was his best friend.

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