Due to TGP being a spin-off of Glee, references to the show and the contenders' lives are made starting season 3 of Glee.

Glee Season 3Edit

  • Like his character Joseph Hart, Samuel likes to be barefoot. He once went 6 months without wearing shoes.
  • Brittany thinks Joe Hart is a girl. People used to mistake Samuel for a girl, especially from behind, before he got his dreadlocks.
  • Rory tries peanut butter for the first time in front of the Glee club. Damian had never tried peanut butter until after he got a part on Glee.
  • The first episode of season 3 is called The Purple Piano Project and season 3 of Glee was the first time characters were played by TGP winners.
  • Emily's word Glee-atch was used.
  • Lindsay's story about being abused by her boyfriend was used in the episode Choke where Coach Beiste was being abused.
  • Alex relates best to Mercedes and Kurt. They gave Wade advice in Saturday Night Glee-ver.
  • Ryan Murphy said Alex would be Mercedes and Kurt's love child. Wade said Unique would be their love child.
  • Cameron got upset and cried when he thought he cheated on his girlfriend. In the episode Heart, Mercedes got upset because she cheated on her boyfriend by kissing Sam.
  • Lindsay was called the real life Rachel Berry. Harmony and her friends are all like Rachel.
  • Damian said he would like to sing Home on Glee, he got to sing it in Heart.
  • Samuel said he would like Glee to do a Michael Jackson tribute, which they did for the episode Michael.
  • Samuel said he would like to do a duet with Matthew Morrison, in Saturday Night Glee-ver Joe sings Night Fever with Mr. Schue.
  • Alex always wanted to play female roles but never wore drag until TGP. Wade is convinced by Mercedes and Kurt to perform as his drag character, Unique, in Saturday Night Glee-ver.
  • Alex named Unique.
  • Samuel loves Star Wars and Joe has been the subject of several Star Wars jokes, such as when Sue calls him Jar-Jar Binks and when he gets confused by Sam's Darth Vader impression. Ironically, Joe doesn't understand these jokes because he doesn't watch TV.
  • When Alex was asked what song he would like to sing on Glee, he said Out Here On My Own. It was sung in the episode Asian F.
  • Samuel chose Jolene as his final song. It was sung in the episode I Kissed A Girl by coach Beiste.
  • Damian said that he can't do a good American accent. Rory couldn't do an accent for West Side Story.
  • When both Season One winners were asked who they want their characters to start dating in Glee Samuel said Quinn and Damian said Brittany. Although both characters didn't end up dating them, Rory got to live with Brittany and tried to kiss her and Joe had a crush on Quinn.
  • Finn breaking up with Rachel when they were supposed to get married is like when Samuel's girlfriend broke up with him when they were thinking about getting married.

Glee Season 4Edit

  • Puck's half brother, Jake, being compared to him is similar to how people would compare Brege von Bleicken to Marissa after she auditioned.
    • Michael said that he would like to be Puck's brother if he got a role on Glee.
    • Charlie wrote on his audition sheet that he wanted to be Finn's secret half-brother by his father.
  • They had to jump rope for Eye Of The Tiger and Blaine did this in the first episode of season 4, The New Rachel, during It's Time but he used 2 ropes instead of 1.
  • Marley Rose struggles with an eating disorder which is taken from Marissa's storyline in season one of The Glee Project. However, Marissa was anorexic and in Glease Kitty tries to make Marley bulimic by making Marley's Grease costume smaller and inviting her to a sleepover with donuts then showing her how to throw up.
  • A video showed Blake and Charlie dressed up as super heroes. Some members of the glee club dressed up as superheros for the episode Dynamic Duets. Ryder and Jake were together and called themselves the 'Mega Studs'.
  • Ryder is supposed to have Dyslexia and ADHD. Charlie from season 2 has ADHD.
  • In the episode Dynamic Duets Sam puts a jockstrap on his head like a mask. The contenders talk about jockstraps in Tenacity (Season 2).
  • Jake if half black and half white like Tyler from season two and McKynleigh from season one of The Glee Project. Tyler is also Jewish and Jake is half Jewish.
  • Marley's mom is likely taken from Shanna's storyline as Shanna was embarrassed by her mom and people teased her because of it.
  • Samuel said the song he would like to sing in Season Four was The Scientist.  It was sung in The Break Up but not by him.
  • Ellis had a cameo appearance in the episode Swan Song. She was watching the NYADA winter showcase.
  • In the episode Naked, the song "This is the New Year" ends with all of the Glee club members gathering around Artie and lifting up his wheelchair, just as Ali suggested they do at the end of Eye Of The Tiger.
  • Ali made an appearance on glee in episode 14, I Do, even though she didn't win.  She is playing Emma's niece named Betty who sings Bob Seger's "We've Got Tonight" with Artie and four other couples, each couple in a hotel room.
  • J-Fo (auditioned for season 1 of TGP) and Eric Sequera (auditioned for season 2), play members of Adam's Apples in the episode Sadie Hawkins.
  • Joe wears a black jacket, grey pants, and a white shirt during the song This is the New Year in the episode Naked, which is similar to what Samuel wears in some photos for TGP.
  • In Naked, Artie and Rachel don't want people to see them naked and some contenders from both seasons didn't want to wear revealing clothes.
  • Emma tells Artie that Betty has 'big boobs', something that some fans of TGP have noticed.
  • Dani makes a cameo appearance in the episode I Do during We've Got Tonite.  She is dancing with a girl.
  • A character named Marissa appears in the episode Shooting Star.  However, it is not known if she was named after Marissa.
  • In Shooting Star, Sam gets a cat that is the same size as Lord Tubbington named Lady Tubbington.  Nellie said that she has a cat that's as big as Lord Tubbington.
  • Sam makes up his own character, his twin brother Evan Evans, like the ones some of the contenders had made.
  • Wade/Unique is transgender like Tyler.  Until season four of Glee it was unknown if he was transgender or just performed as a female.
  • Ryder sings Everybody Hurts in the episode Lights Out.
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) was sung in Wonder-ful.

Glee Season 5Edit

  • There will be a new character named Dani.

References to GleeEdit

  • The paper cups in the house are the same as the cups used at the Lima Bean.
  • The slushie cups are the same as the ones used on Glee.
  • In The Only Exception, a poster says No slushies in the library.
  • All sports uniforms are the same as those used at McKinley High.
  • The mentors sometimes bring something that represents their Glee characters.
  • Some scenes in Perfect were based on events that happened in Glee.
  • There was an episode in season 1 of Glee called Theatricality. In both episodes, Bad Romance was sung.
  • After spending a certain amount of time on The Glee Project, the contenders have to get slushied.
  • Lily wears a black dress for Someone Like you similar to the ones used in Rumor Has It/Someone Like You on Glee.


  • Max with a football
  • Harmony
  • Unique
  • McKinley swimming uniforms
  • Alex preforming in drag on TGP
  • Ellis on Glee

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