Michael-Aylin Relationship
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Nickname Miylin
Intimacy Level Kissed Twice
Status Friends

The Michael-Aylin Relationship is the fictional relationship between Michael Weisman and Aylin Bayramoglu. They are known as Miylin, Michylin, Maylin and Aylichael.

Episodes WithEdit

Individuality (Season 2)Edit

  • Before the group goes in to check the callback list, Michael is holding Aylin's hand.

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

  • During We Got The Beat, Aylin flirts with Michael and draws him closer to her by his tie as if she's going to kiss him.
  • In one of the bonus videos, Michael calls the kiss Aylin gave Charlie a "pity kiss" and she laughs and agrees with him, possibly showing that neither of them take the kiss seriously.

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit

Theatricality (Season 2)Edit

Tenacity (Season 2)Edit

  • When Amber Riley walks in for the HWA, they are clasping each other's hands and rocking back and forth. Proof


  • When Darren Criss walks into the room for their HWA, Aylin grabs Michael's arm and gives him a sideways hug in her excitement. Photo


  • Michael's character is in love with Aylin.
  • Their characters have at least 4 scenes together.
  • Aylin seemed excited about the love triangle.
  • They kissed during Perfect.
  • When Michael wins the HWA, Aylin runs her hands along his arm and seems happy for him. Gif


  • Michael wrote in his Dance-ability (Season 2) blog "Blake and Aylin’s kiss was hot ‘n steamy. I can understand why Charlie was jealous."
  • Aylin tweeted back to a fan who asked about Michael "@SweetMichaelW @mfweisman he's my little brother! I love him!!!!!" and Michael tweeted back "@AylinSings @SweetMichaelW and I love her too! shes my homie!"
  • During Vulnerability (Season 2) week, Michael tweeted "That scene with Aylin was really hard, but she killed it!"
  • Aylin, Lily and Michael got pedicures together.
    • During the experience, Aylin tweeted "@gleefulgleegurl @mfweisman @lilymaeh he [Michael] wants rainbow colors! Hahaha" and "To make up for the feminine pedicure, @mfweisman is fixing my drawers! Thank you Miguel!!"
    • When a fan tweeted "“@Kfo315: @AylinSings @mfweisman He's fixing your "drawers" huh? Yeah, I bet he is... Haha” Michael retweeted it with a winky face.
  • Michael tweeted a picture of him and a friend at the Emmys and Aylin tweeted back "@mfweisman omg. You guys are too cute! Have an amazing time!!!!!!"
  • Michael tweeted "If you live less than 6 hours away from Santa Barbara I fully expect to see you tonight. I'll be giving away hugs and chocolate. And blues." and Aylin commented "@mfweisman I fully expect all 3 as soon as I get there."
  • Aylin tweeted "Me and my baby @mfweisman!!!! I wuvv you."


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