Lily Mae Mercy (2)
By Duffy
Sung by Lily Mae Harrington
Episode Vulnerability
Called Back Yes

Mercy was a last chance performance sung by Lily Mae in the third episode of the second season of The Glee Project, Vulnerability. It was originally sung by Duffy. This performance secured Lily a place in the next week's episode.


Yeah Yeah Yeah

I love you
but I gotta stay true

I don't know what you do
but you do it well
I'm under your spell

You got me begging you for mercy
why won't you release me
you got me begging you for mercy
why won't you release me
And I said release me

Now you think that I
will be something on the side
but you got to understand
that I need a man
who can hold my hand

And I said release me.


  • This song was performed by Vocal Adrenaline on Glee's Season One episode "Acafellas."


Mercy (Lily Mae Harrington)01:01

Mercy (Lily Mae Harrington)

Lily Mae Harrington - Mercy

Duffy - Mercy03:30

Duffy - Mercy

Duffy - Mercy

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