Lindsay-Samuel Relationship
Nickname Samsay
Status Friends

The Lindsay-Samuel Relationship is the relationship between Lindsay Pearce and Samuel Larsen. They are often referred to as Samsay.

Episodes WithEdit


  • Lindsay liked that she was paired with Samuel for Need You Now.

Sexuality (Season 1)Edit

  • They flirt during Like A Virgin and almost kiss.
  • When Samuel asks Cameron "Would it be wrong if I hit on you?" Lindsay says "Yes!" as if she is jealous.



  • When they find out that everyone got called back, they hug and Lindsay congratulates Samuel.
  • When the group are discussing in the boy's dorm, Lindsay and Samuel are on the same bed, while Alex is on the floor and Damian is on another bed.

Glee-ality (Season 1)Edit

  • When Lindsay finds out she also won a role on Glee, she runs and jumps onto him.


  • Someone pretending to be Samuel sent Lindsay flowers. Thinking they really were from him, she got excited and tweeted a picture.
  • They keep in touch after TGP.
  • In her Pairability blog, Lindsay writes "Sam is a very passionate guy, and he is a total rock-star, so together we sort of had that "good girl with a bad boy" thing which I really liked. He is a goofy guy and was a lot of fun to work with on “Need You Now”."
  • Samuel wrote in his Pairability blog "Singing “Need You Now” with Lindsay was awesome. She is a great singer and she means business, so it was easy to get to work with her. We were both on the same page as far as committing to the song goes."
  • Samuel wrote in his Generosity blog "I will admit though that as soon as I heard what this week's theme was I knew without a doubt that Lindsay would win."
  • When asked about who in the final four is his beiggest competition, Samuel said something about every contender, adding "But if you dig deeper, Lindsay's an amazing actress as well." Source
  • Lindsay tweeted "This new episode if Glee is amazing. What talent. And seeing @ANew92 and @SamuelLarsen there in the glee club warms my heart <3"


  • Samuel found it difficult to pretend he was in love with Lindsay for Need You Now.
  • Lindsay criticized Samuel for squinting in The Only Exception.
  • Samuel is Marissa's partner in Pairability.

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