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Lily Mae's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Lily Mae Harrington in season two of the Glee Project.

Lily Mae's QuotesEdit


Lily Mae Harrington

Cory Monteith is a lot more attractive in person than I thought.

—Lily Mae, Vulnerability (Season 2)

Just because I'm 240 pounds like, I can act my way out of a f*****g box, like I can - I know I can. You give me a scene and I will f*****g do it. I swear to God, and I will do it well.

—Lily Mae, Theatricality (Season 2)

The person I don’t want to talk to right now has to help me. Great!

—Lily Mae, about Aylin, Tenacity (Season 2)

I have a crush on Blake. I think everybody has a crush on Blake — it's not just me.

—Lily Mae, about Blake, Romanticality

Romanticality to me is showing another person how much you care.

—Lily Mae, Romanticality

We have a new place in our heart for each other.

—Lily Mae, about Michael, Romanticality

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