Lily-Aylin Relationship
Nickname Lilyn, Aylily
Intimacy Level Kissed Twice
Status Friends and roommates.

The Lily-Aylin Relationship is the relationship between Lily Mae Harrington and Aylin Bayramoglu. They are often referred to as Lilyn or Aylily.

Episodes WithEdit

Individuality (Season 2)Edit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

  • They kissed during spin the bottle in the music video Party Rock Anthem.
  • Aylin hugs and comforts Lily when she says she's certain she's the one going home while the group is waiting for Robert to post the callback list.

Vulnerability (Season 2)Edit

  • After Lily makes Aylin cry for scene, they hug each other vigorously.


  • Lily and Aylin flirt and hold hands with each other during I Wanna Sex You Up.
  • Lily says she does think Aylin is sexy (although she says she pushes it too hard).


  • When Aylin's character comes over to sing with the group during Price Tag, Lily pats her on the head.

Theatricality (Season 2)Edit

  • When Grant Gustin walks in, Aylin runs over to Lily and they clasp hands excitedly.
  • In When I Grow Up, they push Ali's wheelchair together and look over and smile at each other while singing.
  • While waiting for Robert to post the callback list, Aylin is leaning her head on Lily's shoulder.

Tenacity (Season 2)Edit

  • Aylin is seen hugging Lily's arm before the final callbacks. And tells her to "Come back."
  • When Ryan says he "loves a good duel" (referring to her and Aylin) she quickly says "Oh no, I didn't want to go here!" showing that she might not want to have a rivalry with Aylin.


  • Aylin and Lily are seen hugging each other on the couch after discovering they are partners for the Romanticality HWA.
  • They voluntarily kiss for the HWA.
  • They chat about the possibilities of the week in the kitchen together.

Off SetEdit

  • They moved to LA together.
  • They are currently roommates.
  • They did a live BlogTV chat together.
  • Lily said in her Danceability/Vulnerability video that it was hard to be a bully to your "best friend that you live with," meaning she considers Aylin her best friend and didn't like having to bully her.
  • Aylin said that Lily Mae is really sweet during her and Charlie's BlogTV.
  • In her Sexuality (Season 1) blog, Lily wrote "It felt amazing to get good feedback this week and not be in the bottom! I know I gave Aylin a hard time for her happy dance week 2, but now I get it. So... my bad Aylin."
  • On their BlogTV they said it wasn't awkward when they kissed because they are really good friends.
  • Lily called Aylin during her BlogTV with Charlie. They were also texting each other at the time.
  • Lily said in a radio interview that Aylin's performance of Without You was one of the best in the history of the show and that every time Aylin sings it blows her away.
  • In the exit interview with EW, Lily said she thinks Aylin will win.
  • In the exit interview with EW, Lily said "I am moving in with Aylin. It was a ‘We never hide our feelings from anyone’ type of thing. We’re always very upfront with each other. I think that’s where we found our friendship. We were always so honest, we always did kind of trust each other in a weird way. After the show wrapped was when I started to get really close to Aylin."
  • Aylin stated in an interview "I think it's hilarious to see what we all say in our little individual interviews and to tune in and see what Lily’s going to say about me that week. That's probably not something you were aware of as the show was filming, or were you? I mean, Lily and I were actually good about telling each other, like, “I just said a bunch of horrible things about you in an interview.” But, I don't think I really knew the extent of it. Not that it matters because she's one of my closest friends, but, it's just funny."
  • In an interview with TvLine, Aylin said "[Lily and I] don’t hate each other at all. She’s one of my closest friends. We love the crap out of each other. The funny thing is though, we did say those things about each other [to the cameras], but right afterward, we would go up to the other person and be like, “This is what I just said about you. Like, deal with it.” We have that kind of relationship. It’s great."
  • Just like last season, Hannah seem to show hatred toward Lindsay, just like Lily Mae and Aylin, but in real life both Lindsay-Hannah and Lily-Aylin are best friends, and roomates.
  • They have confirmed via Twitter that they will be singing a duet (that has been sung by Rachel on Season 3 of Glee and has not been sung by either girl on TGP.)
  • Lily tweeted "I mean.. I guess I SHOULD put some clothes on..." and Aylin tweeted back "@lilymaeh HAAHAHAAAYSHA."
  • Aylin tweeted about Michael and Lily going for pedicures with her.
  • Aylin tweeted a picture with the caption "Going to Rodeo Drive with @lilymaeh! What a beautiful day! Smile and be happy!! =D"
  • Lily tweeted "Going to see my first taping of a sitcom with @AylinSings so excited!"
  • Aylin tweeted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL ROOMMATE @lilymaeh!!!!!" and Lily tweeted back "@AylinSings thank you love:) wake up! We need to clean fo da partyyyy."
  • They got a goldfish together and named it Ashanti, but it died a day later.
  • Lily took Aylin with her to see Taylor Swift on The Ellen Show.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

  • Lily states Aylin is rubbing her the wrong way.

Vulnerability (Season 2)Edit

  • Lily and Aylin are fighting over the lines for the Homework Assignment.
  • Aylin states the last thing she wants to hear is Lily giving her attitude.
  • Lily states she doesn't like when Aylin was so happy she was safe not caring for the people who are at risk.
  • Lily bullies Aylin intensly during the music video, Everybody Hurts.


  • Aylin states it was unfair Lily won the Homework Assignment instead of her.


  • Aylin stated the last thing she needs now that Charlie is gone, is Lily yelling.


  • In the booth, Lily's voice is way too loud, overpowering the others. Aylin laughs, says 'She's really loud' and comments on how red she is. Lily doesn't like that, because her voice being too big is a huge insecurity. Aylin, however, confessed that the only distracting thing in the booth was hearing Lily's voice only and no one else's.
  • Lily tells Ryan during her LCP that she (Aylin) can't take her own medicine.



Part 2 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)14:53

Part 2 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)

Part 2

Part 1 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)14:53

Part 1 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)

Part 1

Part 3 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)14:15

Part 3 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)

Part 3

Part 4 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)12:49

Part 4 Aylin Bayramoglu and Lily Mae Harrington Blogtv chat (7 3 2012)

Part 4

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