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Teenage Dream - The Glee Project - Sexuality

This is a fictional relationship between Hannah and Cameron. It was called Camerah on the show.

Episodes WithEdit

Individuality (Season 1)Edit

  • They have a short scene in Firework together and both seem to do well.

Dance-ability (Season 1)Edit

  • They were in the same group for U Can't Touch This.
  • In the bonus video, Cameron beat-boxes to give Hannah a beat for her rap.


  • When the group is waiting for Alex, Matheus and Cameron to return from the LCPs, Hannah is crying because she thinks Cameron is going to go home because of his freak-out when Lindsay kissed him.

Sexuality (Season 1)Edit

  • They were partners for Teenage Dream.
  • During Teenage Dream, Hannah goes to wipe food on Cameron's face and he opens his mouth like he thinks she's expecting him to lick it off her finger.
  • They said in the studio with Nikki that they were glad to be partners.
  • Hannah said she'd be "down" to kiss Cameron in Teenage Dream.
  • Hannah respected Cameron's decision not to kiss her and didn't take it personally.


  • Cameron wrote in his "Individuality" blog "My favorite part of “Firework” was filming my scene with Hannah."
  • Hannah said in her "Sexuality" blog that "Honestly, I could not have asked for a better partner than Cameron for this video shoot. We were really good friends, which is why at first I thought it might be a little weird. But it actually ended up helping me a lot. Since we were so close, I felt comfortable working with him. We ended up having a really good time. I was not frustrated at all when Cameron didn’t want to kiss in the video. I understand where he is coming from and I would never want to make him uncomfortable. And honestly, I was a little relieved. I mean, don't get me wrong, Cameron is a super cute guy! But it would have been like kissing my brother... Haha." and "I was incredibly sad and upset to hear that Cameron was quitting. I love him and support him no matter what, but I don't think I will ever understand his decision completely. I just want this more than anything and I can't imagine ever giving it up. Regardless of whether or not I understand or agree with it, I know that I am going to miss Cameron dearly. He has been my rock in this competition and I don't know what I am going to do without him."
  • Hannah wrote in her Believability blog "I LOVE the song "True Colors." I was still really sad about Cameron leaving, and I feel like this song perfectly explained how I felt."
  • In his "Sexuality" blog, Cameron wrote "The “Teenage Dream” music video was honestly the most fun I had on the entire show. Hannah was amazing to work with, and it definitely made it less awkward. She's one of the coolest and funniest people I've ever met in my life. I still think about that food fight and how disgusting it really was. Hannah cracked an eggshell on my head and it stayed on me the entire shoot! Hannah and I actually talked about kissing beforehand, and I told her I wouldn’t do it if they asked. She understood, and I just knew from the last time it would be better for me if I didn’t. Hannah is one of my best friends so it wouldn’t have been awkward, but I drew a line and I wasn’t going to cross it," and "Hannah is one of the most genuine and courageous friends I've ever met. She is like a sister, and I can always go to her in a time of need."
  • Hannah said in an interview with EW that "[Cameron] was my rock throughout the whole thing. He offered a lot of guidance. We’d pray together a lot. He was just an amazing friend."
  • Hannah and Cameron made a YouTube video where they pranked Damian on his birthday by "caking" him together.
  • In his interview with EW, Cameron said "Oh my goodness. Hannah was a hot mess [about me leaving]. Me and Hannah are like brother and sister, and me and Damian are like brothers. Me and Damian, it was a little different because at the same time I was leaving but it was kind of like I kind of redeemed him so he was going to go on and fight for me. But me and Hannah it was pure sad. They didn’t show a lot of it but man it was emotional."
  • In a picture Hannah posted on Facebook, Cameron is giving her a piggyback ride. Photo
  • Cam tweeted about his new album and Hannah tweeted back "@camronmitchell Can't get enough of it Cam! Brilliant :)"
  • Hannah Instagrammed a photo of them together at the Farmer' Market and captioned it "One happy family! Haha @camronmitchell"
  • Cameron Instagrammed a photo of Hannh's cooking captioned "Ladies and gentlemen. The greatness of @hannahmcialwain" and Hannah commented "@camronmitchell Yeah it was pretty good.. Haha Can't wait for those cookies you've been slaving over!"
  • Hannah Instagrammed a picture pf them together and captioned it "Thug life with camronmitchell"
  • Hannah tweeted "So @camronmitchell and I were discussing Halloween costume options and I said we should go as Xena the warrior princess and Gabrielle. @camronmitchell's response... "I'm nobody's sidekick!!!" Haha I guess I expected a different reaction to putting on a leather dress and wig."

Episodes AgainstEdit

Dance-ability (Season 1)Edit

  • Hannah makes fun of Cameron's dancing in the bonus video and he seems unhappy about it and leaves the room.

Vulnerability (Season 1)Edit

  • Hannah tried to tease Cameron by putting her feet on his bed when he said her feet smell.

Sexuality (Season 1)Edit

  • Hannah wanted to be Damian's partner for Teenage Dream.


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