These are some of the quotations made by Hannah McIalwain in Season One of The Glee Project.

Hannah mclalwain

Look at this lamp, it's got holes in it like cheese!

Hannah, Individuality

I'm like a koala bear, I can't be sexy!

Hannah, Sexuality

This won't make TV, don't worry! (Spoiler: She was wrong.)

Hannah, Sexuality bonus scene

I have a huge crush on Damian, and the kiss between him and Lindsay makes me so jealous.

Hannah, Sexuality

You just wait down there...Fernando...

Hannah, Theatricality behind the scenes

I see you sitting down there/staring up here at me/looking at my ginger features/thinking how could they be/so I say so what/the old me would've cared/but the new me's here/and honey, I ain't scared/now I'm confident/no one walks on me/I stand up for myself/and say what I mean to the T/I'm redefined, like the R-E-D/yeah I'm so hot/ people can't even believe/I keep spitting every line/and I never tire/my lyrics so sick/they burn you with fire."

Hannah's original rap, Dance-ability bonus scene

As cheesy as it sounds, the best thing I can tell you is to just BE YOURSELF! Never lose sight of who you are and don’t change for anybody. Someone will see you for who you are and love it! And be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy. Keep a positive outlook and never say “I can’t”.

Hannah, Interview with Pop City Life

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