Grenade 2
By Bruno Mars
Sung by Emily Vasquez
Episode Vulnerability
Called Back No

Grenade was a last chance performance sung by Emily in the third episode of the first season of The Glee Project, Vulnerability. It was originally sung by Bruno Mars. After this performance Emily was eliminated from the competition by Ryan Murphy.


Easy come, easy go
That's just how you live
Oh take, take, take it all
But you never give

Should've known you was trouble
From the first kiss
Had your eyes wide open
Why were they open?

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked cause
What you don't understand is

I'd catch a grenade for you
I'd throw my hand on a blade for you
You know I'd jump on a train for you
You know I'd do anything for you

Oh I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes I would die for you baby
But you won't do the same


  • This is the first last chance performance that was originally sung by the opposite gender.



Emily Vasquez - Grenade (Performing in The Glee Project)01:18

Emily Vasquez - Grenade (Performing in The Glee Project)

Emily Vasquez - Grenade

Bruno Mars - Grenade04:10

Bruno Mars - Grenade

Bruno Mars - Grenade

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