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Damian's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Damian McGinty Jr. in and about season one of The Glee Project.


I cannot dance. I just just about walk in a straight line, never mind dance!

Damian, The Top 12

....Holy s***!

Damian (after being slushied), Tenacity

I don't like being cold. And I thought my ears were gonna fall off.

Damian, Tenacity

Girl, get in the car in five minutes and I’ll work some magic.

Damian, ?

I told you homeboy-in the ghetto!

Damian, Dance-ability (Season 1)

She has an opinion on absolutely can't get a word in, you really can't. Sometimes I feel like going up and putting a sock in her mouth... (about Lindsay's babbling)

Damian, Vulnerability (Season 1)

We're all committing sins in our heads!

Damian, Dance-ability (Season 1)

I just ran into the room with a guitar that I can’t play. With sunglasses, when it was dark, singing a song that I don’t know. Yes. that’s what we call. Random.

Damian, About his "Call Me Maybe" video with Hannah and Cameron

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