Nellie at the X Factor

Many contenders have appeared in other television shows and movies that are not associated with Glee.


Name Year Title Role Notes
Ali Stroker 2011 Sesame Street (2 episodes)

Elmo's Dancer & herself

2 episodes - one as Elmo's Dancer, one as herself in "Word on the Street"
2011 Fresh Beat Band (Nick, Jr.) School Kid

Blake Jenner


Melissa & Joey

Miller Collins

1 episode

Maxfield Camp 2013 Nashville N/A Multiple Episodes 
Dani Shay 2011 America's Got Talent (Season 6) N/A Was eliminated during the Top 48
Emily Vasquez 2012 American Idol (Season 11) N/A Advanced to the final round of Hollywood week, but did not pass Top 90 after being placed in room 3.
2012 Anti-smoking commercials N/A
Hannah McIalwain 2009 MADE (Season 10) N/A She was made into a rapper.
2013 Kickin' it Megan McCrary This is the first time that a contender will be on a show not involving glee with an actor from glee.
Lindsay Pearce 2012 Opening Night N/A
2012 Imposters Madison Price Webshow
2013 Drop Dead Diva Filming
Samuel Larsen 2010 American Idol (Season 9) N/A Advanced past Hollywood rounds and made it to top 46, but did not make it to the semi-finals.
Nellie Veitenheimer 2011 The X Factor N/A

She made it to the top 90 for her area and got to audition for the judges. Simon thought she was a rebel and was the only judge to say yes.

Bryce Ross-Johnson 2012 The Voice N/A Auditioned for season 3.  His audition was not shown on TV.
Matheus Fernandes 2013 American Idol (Season 12) N/A Auditioned for season 12. Passed Hollywood week round 1,2,3 but did not pass 4 (Solo) after singing 'Stronger' and being told to stop talking about his size.
Lily Mae Harrington 2013 Melissa and Joey Lizbeth
Michael Weisman 2013 ANT Farm Seth Two episodes
2013 Hot in Cleveland Teenage AJ


Reality Shows
Scripted Shows


Name Year Title Role Status
Alex Newell 2013 Geography Club Ike Post-production
2013 Platypus The Musical Tatiana Short Movie
Ali Stroker 2011 I Was a Mermaid and Now I'm a Pop Star Party Girl Complete
2013 Cotton Jeanie Post-proudction
Blake Jenner 2011 Wurlizter Alexander Moore Complete
2011 Cousin Sarah Brett Marks Complete
2012 The Truth in Being Right Jeffrey Complete
2013 Skidaddle Zach Complete
2010 Fresh 2 Death 2010 Connor Short Movie
Emily Vasquez 2010 9 Digits Lexy Complete
Hannah McIalwain 2013 Stuck Sherri


Samuel Larsen 2013

Claire's Cambodia

Youngest sister's boyfriend Post-production
2013 Candy From Stranger Candyman Short Video
Lindsay Pearce 2013 Mantervention Monica Post-Production
2013 Through The Woods Jeanne Lewis Complete
Abraham Lim 1994 Fresh Kill Jianbu
2001 Roads and Bridges Johnson Lee
2013 Skidaddle MoMo Complete
Nellie Veitenheimer 2013 Skidaddle Stevette Complete
Michael Weisman 2013 Skidaddle Malcom Complete
Maxfield Camp 2013 Skidaddle Reginald Fairchild Complete


Name Year(s) Title Role Theater
Lindsay Pearce 2011 A Snow White Christmas Snow White El Portal Theatre
2012 The Last Five Years Cathy Brauntex Theatre
2012 Spring Awakening Wendla Bergman
2012 Unscreened
2013 BARE Ivy The Hayworth Theatre
Ali Stroker 2011 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Olive Ostrovsky Paper Mill Playhouse
2009 Mrs. Sharp (workshop, off-Broadway) McKenzie Playwrights Horizons
The Wiz
West Side Story
A Generation For Change
Emily Vasquez 2012 In the Heights Nina Pioneer Theatre Company


Blake Jenner on Melissa & Joey03:13

Blake Jenner on Melissa & Joey

Blake on Melissa and Joey

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