Charlie Playing Scott Campbell

Due to most contenders having acting experience, they will occasionally make up their own characters. They will do this for confidence, practise, or just for fun.

  • Hannah has Rouge, her rapper persona.
  • Emily made up the character Cha Cha, who has appeared in several YouTube videos and once on The Glee Project. Her full name is Cha Cha De Jesus Del Barrio De Josephina.  She has a sister named Lisette.
  • Lindsay and Hannah play Ceecee and Deedee in The Ceecee and Deedee show. To make it funnier, Ceecee and Deedee don't like Hannah and Lindsay.
  • Charlie and Blake become superheros to stop any bickering in the glee house. Blake said he was Really Nice Guy and Charlie was his partner.
  • Charlie made up Scott Campbell in Adaptability to help him get into character. He is a mean rich kid. Charlie says Scott is a horrible person.

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