Cameron-Marissa Relationship
Cameron-Marissa Relationship
Nickname Camrissa
Status Friends
The Cameron-Marissa Relationship is the relationship between Cameron Mitchell and Marissa von Bleicken. They are often referred to as Camrissa.

Episodes WithEdit


  • When Marissa wins the homework assignment, Cameron thinks she will pick him as her partner for the music video.
  • They were partners for Need You Now.
  • Marissa said Cameron is the kind of person she would like to date in real life.
  • She respected that Cameron wasn't comfortable acting like he loved someone.
  • While rehearsing for Need You Now, he grabs her waist and pulls her close to him. Source
  • Sometime during the episode, she leans her head on his shoulder. Gif

Tenacity (Season 1)Edit

  • When the group is getting slushied in the hallway, Cameron's hands are on Marissa's waist for some reason. Source


  • Marissa wrote in her "Pairability" blog that "Cameron was a lovely partner for the homework assignment. As a relatively tall girl, it can be hard to book acting jobs sometimes if the opposite role is filled by a boy of even average male height. So being paired with Cameron was a little bit of an added treat in that way. Of course, he was an awesome, hard-working and cooperative partner too."
    • On the topic of not choosing him for the video shoot, she wrote "Okay, I know that by not picking Cameron as my partner for the music video I probably upset thousands upon thousands of die-hard Cameron fans, and some of my own as well. I see all the adorable mock movie posters of us together that you guys take the time to create, and Cameron and I both appreciate and lightheartedly laugh about it. I never expected this type of interest in us as a couple to occur, but it is so sweet nonetheless. However, while Cameron is no doubt amazing and certainly the type of guy I would be interested in dating in real life, performance compatibility is another matter."
  • In her Tenacity (Season 1) blog, she called his LCP "charming."
  • In his "Pairability" blog, Cameron wrote "Marissa was a great partner for "Need You Now." She has a great voice and a great look so it was naturally easy to sing with her. She thought I was really nervous to sing with her though, because I was haha. She portrays her emotion really well and you almost forget she's just acting. She’s very convincing."
  • In an interview with RealityWanted, Marissa said "It was not an easy decision to pick Sam over Cameron [in Pairability] for the music video. I like Cameron a lot and didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I needed to follow my intuition. Picking Sam was nothing more than a business decision, as he had been my runner-up. In addition, I had a sense that he would be up to the acting challenge ahead and that Cameron would be a little more uncomfortable and uncertain about it. Cameron was a good sport about it. I felt bad that he wound up in the bottom."
  • In his Tenacity (Season 1) blog, Cameron wrote "Marissa was really cool. She was nice to everyone and incredibly talented. She could dance like none other. Seeing her go is pretty tough because she was really even. She didn’t get too high or low. I liked that. She will go far though I know it. Damian will miss her dancing on those stairs hahaha!"
  • Cameron tweeted a picture of Starbucks teas with the caption "I got @MarissavonB_TGP to eat breakfast guys and smile and drink tea."
  • Marissa tweeted back to a fan who asked if they were dating "@JakiraWilliams @camronmitchell lol no we're not dating but Cameron is excellent boyfriend material, isn't he? :)"
  • They sang "Don't You Want Me" (Samuel and Marissa's duet from Pairability) together at Universal Studios in Orlando this September. video



  • Marissa chose Samuel to be her partner for the music video during Pairability, and Cameron said he felt dumped.


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