When filming The Glee Project, cameras follow the contenders every day as they try to get a part on Glee. It would be impossible to show everything that happened because that would take a very long time. Episodes are only 1 hour long, and because of this a lot of footage filmed will not be used. Bonus scenes let the audience see some things that were not used in the episodes

Season 1Edit

  • The contenders in costumes and make-up (Individuality)
  • The contenders create names for their relationships (Pairability)
  • Hannah discusses her smelly feet
  • McKynleigh acts like Damian
  • The contenders get to know their mini-me's (Generosity)
  • The contenders play fighting
  • Cameron teaches Damian how to talk in an American accent
  • Damian raps (Theatricality)
  • Hannah plucks Damian's nose hairs
  • Samuel helps Alexander get used to the cameras (Generosity)
  • Hannah talks about Whaley the whale
  • Scenes where they talk about the bottom 3 (Many episodes)
  • Hannah raps

Season 2Edit

  • Mario teaches Zach how to use his cane
  • Blake and Charlie dress up and act like superheros
  • The contenders talk about Zach and choreography
  • The contenders act "fearless" and wear their underwear around the house while doing various exercises to get into character for Fearlessness week.
  • The contenders discuss jockstraps and cups (Tenacity)
  • Nellie and the contenders discuss the meaning of the song "Milkshake" (Sexuality)
  • The contenders talk about Tyler's infectious laugh
  • Lily and Michael have a fake date in order to get into character for Romanticality week.
  • The final five talk about how they can't believe they made it this far.
  • Each of the final three talk about how they want to be on Glee, and can't believe they made it this far. (Glee-ality)


TGP204 Nellie Veitenheimer tries to figure out what the song Milkshake is all about00:34

TGP204 Nellie Veitenheimer tries to figure out what the song Milkshake is all about

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