Blake-Shanna Relationship
Nickname Blanna
Intimacy Level Kissed during the Party Rock Anthem music video
Status Friends

The Blake-Shanna Relationship is the fictional relationship between Blake Jenner and Shanna Henderson. They are often called Blanna or Shake.

Episodes WithEdit

Season 2:The Final 14Edit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

Vulnerability (Season 2)Edit

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit

  • At the end of the HWA, I Wanna Sex You Up, Blake is shown hugging Shanna.
  • When the group is finding out the theme of the week, Shanna hugs Blake's arm and puts her head on his shoulder see here.

Theatricality (Season 2)Edit

  • They dance together during When I Grow Up.
  • When the task is revealed, Blake and Shanna make a flirty gesture towards each other.

Tenacity (Season 2)Edit

  • They did well at the part where Shanna wheelbarrows Blake, showing they work efficiently together.
  • They both encouraged Ali when she said she couldn't dump the ball in the hoop in the music video.
  • Blake helped Shanna when she fell down, right before Abraham sprained his knee.


  • They hug when Shanna is eliminated.

Off SetEdit

  • They both went to Six Flags with Abraham, Charlie, Michael, Nellie, and Tyler.
  • Shanna stated he was a good kisser in Spin the Bottle.
  • Shanna tweeted "Sweet Blake:)" and Blake responded "shanna is awesome! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNA!!!"
  • Blake tweeted "I think Shanna was the most confident. She wore herself really well." about When I Grow Up.
  • Shanna said in her exit interview with Huffington Post "I knew that Blake was hands-down the most talented guy there, and they weren't going to get rid of him." (during Romanticality.)
  • Shanna wrote in a Tumblr post "Blake: Okay, so hands down my favorite memory with you was the first time we went to Kabuki and I came back and was dancing in the rec room and we laughed for the longest time… Another one was you always quoting me from our bully scene “You knew, how could you not know” or “We’ll stop if you cry Michael— cry Michael.” And who can forget our many games of PIG :) You’re one of the sweetest guys around and truly a great man. You inspired everyone around you by being you. You taught me how to care about others. I thought I knew this already, but you really instilled in me a new level of caring."
  • Shanna tweeted "Happy birthday @Blake_Jenner ! I can't wait to see how god blesses you this next year:)" and Blake tweeted back "THANK YOU!!!"
  • Shanna tweeted "@Blake_Jenner I woke up super excited because I remembered: you are going to be on glee!!! Again, I'm so happy for you!"

Episodes AgainstEdit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

  • Blake and Shanna are seen kissing different people.

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit


  • Shanna is paired up with Michael and Aylin in the HWA and the Music Video, respectively.
  • Blake is paired up with Ali in the HWA, and he chooses her again for the Music Video.


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