Blake-Nellie Relationship
Blake Nellie
Nickname Blakellie
Intimacy Level Kissed
Status Best Friends

The Blake-Nellie Relationship is the relationship between Blake Jenner and Nellie Veitenheimer. They are often referred to as Blellie, Bellie, Blakellie and or Blellie Jennerheimer.

Episodes WithEdit


  • Blake is seen during the Party Rock Anthem music video kissing Nellie.
  • During the shoot they were dancing together (about 0:37-0:42).


  • Blake is seen seducing Nellie in the HWA I Wanna Sex You Up, yanking her chair towards him while he sings and, at one moment, dipping his head into the crook of her neck (about 1:09 during the video).
  • Nellie is instructed to seduce Blake in choreography.
  • Blake & Nellie share several looks with each other during the choreography session, and Blake claps and laughs when he sees what her choreography looks like.
  • Nellie is one of Blake's interests in the Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake music video.
  • When Nellie is talking about how everyone loves milkshakes, Blake points at her and smiles, implying that he agrees.
  • Nellie is seen during the shoot for the music video holding up a note to Blake that said, 'I want your sexy body.'


  • Blake and Nellie are paired up together to do a LCP and performed Waiting for a Girl/Boy Like You, to the enthusiasm of the mentors.
  • According to her blog post on Oxygen, she was secretly crossing her fingers for Blake to be her partner.
  • On their way to the shoot they walk next to each other and have their arms around each other's.
  • When they are rehearsing, Nikki comes in to watch them and remarks "It's getting steamy in here!"
  • Blake kisses Nellie's forehead during their LCP, even though he wasn't shown doing so in rehearsal.
  • When they where rehearsing they just stop and look at each other and Blake keeps holding her hand.


  • Blake is seen comforting Nellie when she expresses her concern about wearing a bathing suit and even gives her a hug.
  • Blake and Nellie are seen face to face, almost kissing during the Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another.
  • Blake and Nellie are seen holding hands and side by side together often in the music video.

Glee-ality (Season 2)Edit

  • Blake hugs Nellie, but this is cut off.
  • Nellie cries and smiles during Blake's LCP.

Off SetEdit

  • They went to Six Flags with Charlie, Shanna, Michael, Abraham, and Tyler.
  • During Abraham, Tyler, and Shanna's blogtv chat, Blake tells them not to prank call Nellie.
  • In a recent interview with, Blake said his favorite part during the Glee Project was when he and Nellie did a duet, and that he thought that Nellie's voice was amazing.
  • When Blake, Abraham and Charlie were on Afterbuzz TV Blake said that he loves working with Nellie and that her voice is amazing. He also said that she is an awesome person.
  • In her goodbye letter on her Tumblr, she wrote "Blake: Thank you for always being there for every single person on this cast. You are an amazing friend and an amazing person. I know if I ever need anything, I can count on you, and you better know the same."
  • Blake was asked on King Mac Radio whose elimination was the hardest for him and he replied: "It would definitely be Nellie...she is such a nice person, such a good person, she's just the sweetest person ever - I could just say what kind of person she is like a million times. She's great, she's a beautiful girl, she's awesome in every single way...and just to see her have to go was really emotional."
  • Blake was asked on King Mac Radio, which contender can you see or should be on glee? He said he would love to see Nellie on Glee because she is so amazing.
  • Blake wrote in his "Sexuality" blog " Even though Nellie was initially really nervous about her dance moves, I thought she was AMAZING. She was so awesome in the video and conquered it like CRAZY!"
  • Nellie tweeted "Just played the longest, most pathetic round of Wrestlemania ever with @Blake_Jenner. But I won ;D"
  • Blake tweeted "Grateful and Thankful Forever..." and Nellie commented "@Blake_Jenner <333" and Blake responded with a smiley face.
  • Nellie tweeted "Blake, you're THE most amazing guy I know. I am so proud of you."
  • Along with Abraham, Blake and Nellie recorded an amateur and funny video as a preview for Abraham and Nellie's Titanium duet. In part of it, Nellie and Blake dance together and at one point Blake is wearing her wig. Source
  • Nellie tweeted that she'd be posting her new song on Bandcamp in 7 minutes and Blake commented "@nellielisabeth Quit putting everyone in suspense! lol!!!"
    • Nellie then tweeted the link to her new single "Lights" and Blake tweeted "@nellielisabeth Such an AWESOME song Nellie!!! AHHHH!!!" and she replied "@Blake_Jenner :))) Thankk youu."
  • Nellie tweeted "@Blake_Jenner Well I just texted you, but I figure I'll tweet the world wishing you a happy bday :D" and he tweeted back thanking her.
  • Nellie tweeted "I made @Blake_Jenner a Spiderman blanket for his bday. A little upset he hasn't tweeted it yet, because it's amazing."
    • She also made him a scrapbook filled with pictures and letters from fans that she asked for on Tumblr.
  • Nellie tweeted "@Blake_Jenner is ridiculous at improv. In dying over here."
  • Nellie tweeted "BLAKE AGH I love you and I'm so proud of you and ridiculously excited and just wow. You're amazing. @Blake_Jenner" about a GIF of Blake's character on Glee. When Abraham tweeted about the same thing in a similar fashion, she tweeted him with "@realabrahamlim @Blake_Jenner Ok, just steal exactly what I said or whatever. It's cool." like she might have been passive-aggressively jealous. She also posted this about it on her Tumblr: "SCREAMING. No but really. I love this boy so much and I’m insanely proud and excited for him.
  • Nellie: Also it’s insanity to see one of my best friends on TV and just wow. Literally freaking out. This episode can’t come soon enough."

Episodes AgainstEdit


  • Nellie also kisses Mario, Michael and Aylin.
  • Nellie was frequently shown with Michael throughout the music video.
  • Blake was seen with Aylin and Lily.
  • Blake kisses Shanna


  • Blake is seen bullying Nellie at the beginning of the music video, Everybody Hurts.
  • Blake is seen as Shanna's boyfriend in the music video, when Michael is being bullied.


  • Blake and Nellie are seen with different people in the HWA and in the music video.


  • Although we saw almost everyone give Nellie goodbye hugs when she was not called back, we never saw Nellie and Blake's goodbye.

Off SetEdit

  • Blake was asked if he loved Nellie, to which he replied, "Of course! She's an awesome friend!"
  • Blake has confirmed via Twitter that he already has a girlfriend, Maria Correa, they been together for three years. Source
  • When asked about how he viewed his relationship with Nellie on a radio interview, Blake replied that he considered her as his little sister and one of his very best friends.
  • On King Mac Radio, Nellie was asked, "If you had to sing a duet with one person from TGP season 1 and 2, who would it be?" Nellie answered, "From season 1, Cameron, and from season 2, Michael."
  • Based on these photos Blake was spotted sitting next to his girlfriend Maria, while Nellie sits next to Michael across from Blake and Maria photo'
  • Blake and Maria pic
  • Blake and Glee co-star Melissa Benoist have gotten engaged after dating for awhile. Source


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