Blake-Lily Relationship
Nickname Blaily
Intimacy Level kissed
Status friends

The Blake-Lily Relationship is a fictional relationship between Blake Jenner and Lily Mae Harrington. They are known as Blaily and Lake.

Episodes WithEdit

Individuality (Season 2)Edit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

Vulnerability (Season 2)Edit

  • Lily says it's hard to see Blake get so upset when he is discussing his bullying experiences.
  • At the end of My Life Would Suck Without You, they are holding hands.
  • When everyone is called back, Lily and Blake hug and he lifts her off the ground. Photo

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit

  • Lily flirts with Blake at the beginning of I Wanna Sex You Up.
  • Lily seduces Blake during Moves Like Jagger/Milkshake twice: once by putting on her lip gloss and the second time by dancing on the counter with the other girls.


  • Lily and Blake have a table to themselves during Price Tag.

Theatricality (Season 2)Edit

  • Lily leans her head against Blake's knee when the group are on the couches.


  • Lily is upset when Blake doesn't pick her for the HWA.
  • She is also upset when he doesn't choose her for the music video.
  • She says she has a crush on Blake.
  • She says she and Blake have a "fire and spark" as a pair that she and Michael do not.

Glee-ality (Season 2)Edit

  • Lily is the first to hug Blake when the eliminated contenders return to the house.
  • Lily hugs Blake after he is declared the winner and he lifts her off the ground.
  • Lily grooves along to Blake's performance of I'll Be.
  • Lily was ecstatic when Blake won.


  • In her Sexuality blog, Lily wrote "I had SO MUCH FUN at this music video shoot! I loved how everyone was on set together the whole time. It was more like theatre to me because there was a constant story going on and it wasn't all broken up throughout the day. I had Blake Jenner as my partner so it was not hard to flirt with him all day... because I do that anyway! This was just an excuse for me to sexually put on lip gloss in front of him 72 times! It was awesome haha."
  • In his Actability blog, Blake wrote "Lily had become a very good friend of mine and was one of the people I could go to for help with anything."
  • In Lily's backstory video, there are two different shots of her laughing and talking with Blake.
  • Blake tweeted "Lily is doing a great job." about her LCP in Actability.
  • Lily tweeted "monkeying around @Blake_Jenner @RobertJUlrich" with a picture of him and a monkey.
  • In an interview with Sioux City Journal, Blake said "Whenever you see those moments [of yelling or swearing] with Lily, it’s because she has such a love for her craft. She loves acting, she loves singing. And if you love something a lot, you’ll fight for it.” and Lily said "Blake was just an above-average singer, but he’s shown so much growth. He had a God-given talent he hadn’t discovered.”
  • In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Blake said he only told Lily and Abraham beforehand that he was going to write and read a poem for his LCP.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Dance-ability (Season 2)Edit

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit

  • They are seen with different people in the music video.


  • Michael and Lily do well in the video are called back, even though Lily said she and Michael didn't have as much of a "spark" as her and Blake.
  • Blake kisses Ali twice in this episode and Lily kisses Michael and Aylin.


  • Blake has a girlfriend.
  • Lily said in her exit interview with EW that she is rooting for Aylin.


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