Blake-Ali Relationship
Nickname Blali
Intimacy Level Friends; Kissed Twice during The Glee Project
Status Friends

The Blake-Ali Relationship is the relationship between Blake Jenner and Ali Stroker. They are often referred to as Blali, Strokener or Jenker.

Episodes WithEdit



  • When they are filming the spin the bottle scene and Aylin kisses Blake for a really long time, Ali starts saying "Okay, okay, okay" from where she, Charlie, Tyler, Dani and Abraham were watching instead of laughing like the others. Source


  • In one of the bonus scenes, Ali pretends to have a "tantrum" by mouthing along to what Blake is saying in a deep, angry voice. They high-five afterwards.


  • Blake held up Ali by putting her on his lap in a few in the pool scene.
  • He is holding her hand during her belting note (when they and Abraham are being slushied).


  • Blake tells her to not worry about making the basketball shot in Eye Of The Tiger.


  • They choose to be partners for the Homework assignment.
  • Blake kisses Ali's hand during the Homework assignment.
  • Blake chooses to stick with Ali as his partner for the main challenge video.
  • They are a couple in We Found Love.
  • They kiss during We Found Love.
  • In a bonus video, the girls are discussing the MV and Ali says working with Blake is "easy," "sweet" and "awesome" and says that she trusts him and she thinks he trusts her.



  • Ali tweeted "@Blake_Jenner you were my hero that day! Love u!" (about holding her up in Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another) and he tweeted back "@ALISTROKER I love you more!!! :)"
  • Ali tweeted "Yessss Blake!!!! You win that homework assignment baby!"
  • Ali tweeted "I was rooting for Blake so much in the studio!!! I wanted him to do well!!!"
  • Ali tweeted "I loved working with @Blake_Jenner!!! He was the best scene partner!"
  • Ali tweeted "The way that @Blake_Jenner lifted me and worked with me in that video was incredible! We had such a blast making it work perfect for us!"
  • Ali tweeted "@Blake_Jenner LOVE YOU"
  • Ali tweeted "I absolutely loved working with Blake! He is the best scene partner and really creative and giving!"
  • Ali tweeted "@Blake_Jenner you were amazing in the scene with Aylin!"
  • Blake wrote in his "Fearlessness" blog that " When we saw Ali getting slushied and having trouble breathing I was so worried. I just wanted to run across the pool and help her. I was so worried about her."
  • Ali tweeted "Goof balls! @Blake_Jenner always and forever my PLAKE"
  • Ali and Blake were holding hands pretty much the whole time in the finale live blog.
  • Ali said in an interview with TvLine (about We Found Love): "Blake and I really worked together well because there was a lot of trust there, and we have grown really close as friends. He wanted to take that risk with me. There was so much trust that it came off as really excellent chemistry."

Episodes AgainstEdit


  • Dani and Ali are now openly a couple.
  • Blake is dating a girl named Maria.


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