Blake's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Blake Jenner in season two of the Glee Project.

Blake's QuotesEdit

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Blake Jenner

People arguing about who's using the bathroom, who has dibs on the leftover pasta - you know, we're tired of hearing it, and somebody's gotta take a stand, and we're the ones to do it.

—Blake, while dressed as a superhero, Vulnerability

Price tag. [Long pause] Now I know the title of the song.

—Blake, Adaptability

He looks like a naked lumberjack.

—Blake, about Charlie in his underwear, Fearlessness

Damn harmony.

—Blake, in the recording studio, Romanticality

I'm the guy who will persist in his path. I’m the guy who will make you laugh. I’m the guy who strives to be open. I’m the guy who’s been heartbroken. I’m the guy who has been on his own, and I’m the guy who’s felt alone. I’m the guy who holds your hand, and I’m the guy who will stand up and be a man. I’m the guy who tries to make things better. I’m the guy who’s the whitest half Cuban ever. I’m the guy who’s lost more than he’s won. I’m the guy who’s turn, but never spun. I’m the guy you couldn’t see. I’m that guy, and that guy is me.

—Blake after performing his last song, Glee-ality

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