Aylin's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Aylin Bayramoglu in season two of The Glee Project.

Aylin's QuotesEdit

Aylin sexy


I'm not even allowed to use tampons because my mom thinks that it takes away your virginity. She doesn't even know that I've kissed a guy before.

—Aylin, Individuality

He's so hot! Especially in person.

—Aylin about Samuel Larsen, Dance-ability

According to my muslim mom, I have never kissed a guy before. Little does she know, I've kissed many boys!

—Aylin, Dance-ability

You strap me down to this chair, right now!

—Aylin, upon seeing Samuel Larsen enter the choir room, Dance-ability

Sorry, mom - but just look at Blake.

—Aylin, about kissing Blake Jenner, Dance-ability

Okay, now stop talking.

—Aylin, after kissing Charlie, Dance-ability

We're both super confused - well, I'm more confused than he is.

—Aylin, about her relationship with Charlie, Sexuality

It took me a second to understand why they chose Madonna for a Turkish Muslim, but I think I get it: She's super sexy, so — I mean, hello!

—Aylin, Theatricality

I'm at a point right now where I just wanna be like, “Can we just go ahead and eliminate everyone so that I can get seven episodes, please?”

—Aylin, Theatricality

Lily - she's really loud!

—Aylin, in the booth, Tenacity

Look how red Lily is!

—Aylin, Tenacity

We are all in pain, and I think Abraham worrying about playing up his ankle is what is messing him up today. That was rude — but true.

—Aylin, Tenacity

And then she kind of mouthed to me: "Should we kiss?." And I was like, oh my God! Wait, that's perfect!

—Aylin, Romanticality

He has an amazing voice and can dance, and I looove that he is so good-looking.

—Aylin, about Darren Criss, Romanticality

Aylin: We're gonna drill this until...
Shanna: Until we're gay together.

—Aylin and Shanna, Romanticality

It's a very lesbian week.

—Aylin, Romanticality

Play around with me, have fun with me.

—Aylin, whispering to Shanna, Romanticality

I'm really shocked right now. I definitely was not expecting to ever be in the bottom three with Shanna and Blake. Never.

—Aylin, about the bottom three, Romanticality

I'm ready for it. I'm a strong enough person where I can take that pressure. I want to be that person.

—Aylin, about being ready for the backlash she could receive
by portraying a modern Muslim girl on TV, Romanticality

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