Ali's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Ali Stroker in Season Two of the Glee Project.

Ali's QuotesEdit


Ali Stroker

I'm bursting!

—Ali, The Final 14

Toning down my face is definitely something that I struggle with, because I come from the theatrical background.

—Ali, Vulnerability

Here's my shot! I'm not ready to go home!

—Ali, Adaptability

It's gonna be so difficult to measure fearlessness this week, because it's different to every person

—Ali, Fearlessness

I can do anything in this competition now — bring it. Fire, next? I'm ready!

—Ali, Fearlessness

I'm so happy that this week is theatricality, because I feel that I can really shine

—Ali, Theatricality

I'm in a shopping cart, with glitter on it, and a blue wig! This is obviously heaven!

—Ali, Theatricality

I'm gonna need a clean up in aisle four!

—Ali, Theatricality

Being tenacious means, when an obstacle comes your way, looking at it as an oportunity and using it!

—Ali, Tenacity

Tenacity is a very familiar word to me.

—Ali, Tenacity

But doesn’t a jockstrap have to have a cup in it, or else what’s the point of wearing a jockstrap? It’s like wearing skimpy underwear!

—Ali, to Blake and Michael, Tenacity

I love this song! I definitely know that chorus. (In a whisper) Who doesn't?

—Ali, about We Found Love, Romanticality

It's really important teenagers with disabilities feel like they can be sexy.

—Ali, Romanticality

It's so amazing! It's like this is for Blake!

—Ali, Romanticality

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