Alex-Lindsay Relationship
Alex lindsay
Nickname Lindex
Status Friends

The Alex-Lindsay Relationship is the relationship between Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell. They are often referred to as Lindex.



  • In Hey, Soul Sister, Lindsay and Alex dance together and at one point she spanks him goofily.


  • They have a Bonus Video where they pretend to fight and end up laughing with each other.


  • They both won 2 episode arcs on Glee.
  • Lindsay said in a Hollywood Reporter interview that she was not surprised she didn't win but when "[Ryan] told Alex he didn't win and that was a big shock for me."
  • Lindsay wrote in her Theatricality blog that "I was a little disappointed that I didn't win the homework assignment, but honestly I had a feeling Alex was going to win. He is larger than life in the best way, and though I feel that I, and many of the other contenders are very theatrical, Alex takes the cake. His voice is incredible, his presence is shining, and I couldn't honestly think of a better match for Idina."
  • They have a duet on the Glee Christmas album together (singing "Do You Hear What I Hear").
  • Lindsay said in an interview that her biggest competition was "Alex. I said it from day one, Alex. Come on! That voice. I can't even hit the notes that that kid can hit. I know we sat down in the rec room once, and I was like, “You want to know something funny. I think you’re my biggest competition.” And he was like, “Really? I think you're mine.” And we're like, “Aw.”  That's kind of how we became friends. We kind of openly admitted that we were very terrified of each other."
  • Alex tweeted "I would like to take the time to say Happy Birthday to Ms. @lindsayhpearce love you girly" and Lindsay tweeted back "Love you so much. Werq."
  • Lindsay tweeted "@ANew92 is the biggest, best diva of all time. Can we talk about his Nikki Minaj cover and HIS SPLITS IN THE AIR?! WERQ."
  • Lindsay responded to @TheGleeProject's tweet about Alex being on Glee with "@TheGleeProject @ANew92 I am proud beyond words <3"
  • On May 25, Alex's graduation day, Lindsay tweeted "My boobooface @ANew92 is graduating today. I am so excited for you, lovebug <3"
  • Lindsay tweeted "Happy birthday to my best friend and reigning diva, @ANew92 !! Happy birthday boobooface. I love you to death. Strut in dem heels, mama!" and he replied "@lindsayhpearce I love you sooo much!!!! Thank you hunnie" and she tweeted back "I love you more baby face! <3"
  • Lindsay tweeted "@musicmanamc @ANew92 & @damianmcginty in a food coma from Alex's amazing dinner. Thanks, boo <3"
  • Lindsay tweeted "This new episode if Glee is amazing. What talent. And seeing @ANew92 and @SamuelLarsen there in the glee club warms my heart <3"


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