Abraham-Blake Relationship
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Nickname Abrake
Intimacy Level Almost kissed during the I Wanna Sex You Up homework assignment
Status Friends

The Abraham-Blake Relationship is the relationship/bromance between Abraham Lim and Blake Jenner. They are referred to as Abrake and Blam.

Episodes WithEdit


  • While shooting the spin the bottle scene, Aylin kisses Blake for an extra long time and Abraham (who is watching from another room with Tyler, Dani, Charlie and Ali) yells "Are you sucking his soul out?!" Video.

Vulnerability (Season 2)Edit

  • When Blake is opening up about his experiences with bullying, Abraham puts his hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

Sexuality (Season 2)Edit

  • Abraham stated that he and Blake want to show off some male-male romance and they almost kissed during the HWA. The scene was edited out, and you can only see part of their "almost kiss" scene towards the end of the HWA.


  • When they find out they'll be performing You Oughta Know solo, Abraham high-fives Blake.
  • When Nikki tells them they will be singing Price Tag, Blake is leaning his elbow on Abraham's shoulder.


Tenacity (Season 2)Edit

  • When Abraham falls and hurts his ankle, Blake checks to make sure he's okay.

Glee-ality (Season 2)Edit

  • After Blake is chosen as the winner, Abraham is seen hugging him.

Off SetEdit

  • Abraham tweeted about going on a road trip with Blake.
  • Abraham tweeted "@whyjessie I see @Blake_Jenner and @RobertJUlrich all the time. These guys are family :)"
  • Abraham tweeted "This picture speaks volumes about my love for @Blake_Jenner hahahah" and Blake responded "Abe is also the bomb lol."
  • Abraham tweeted "Me and @Blake_Jenner at Comic-Con in SD. I love this guy. Sorta ;)"
  • Abraham tweeted "@TrinnyFaith @Blake_Jenner is one of my best friends in life. I just like giving him dirty stares, HAHAHAHA."
  • Abraham tweeted "@Blake_Jenner you seriously have the best tweets of all time, Blake. Teach me how to tweet and I'll teach you how to dougie. HAHAH."
  • Blake tweeted "Abraham is the best dancer on the show. Hands down. He's like a robot with Energizer batteries. #TheGleeProject"
  • Blake tweeted "Abraham did an awesome job on his song. He definitely added his own, awesome attitude to the song. #TheGleeProject"
  • Abraham tweeted "@Blake_Jenner thanks for being adventurous tonight by ALWAYS EATING that GOLD RUSH roll whenever you go with me! P.S. See you tomorrow."
  • Abraham tweeted "@Blake_Jenner is one of my best friends in LIFE and I am SO happy he got called back. I don't need to validate our friendship for anyone."
  • Abraham tweeted "@erinHIGHTOWER @Blake_Jenner is one of best friends. Please refer to my tweet earlier today. He's amazing. Thanks."
  • Abraham tweeted "Since you guys have been asking: now that I'm gone, I'm TeamBlake and TeamShanna @Blake_Jenner @ShannaHenderson!"
  • Abraham said in his "Sexuality" blog that Blake tried to comfort him when he got upset about Tyler leaving.
  • Abraham wrote in his episode 201 blog that "Initially, I was uncertain about Blake because he was the cool, good-looking dude that I would expect to never pay any attention to me in high school, but I ended up being completely wrong."
  • Blake tweeted "Abraham is a caring and great person and no matter what, he is going far. You're awesome man!" after Tenacity (Season 2) aired.
  • Blake wrote in his "Tenacity" blog "I could not believe that Abraham was going home. He had become a great friend and such a big voice in the house that it was hard to even picture us being there without him."
  • Blake tweeted "Snagging something to eat soon with @realabrahamlim. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
  • Abraham tweeted "@Blake_Jenner You're one of my best friends PERIOD and I am so proud of you. Oh, and your dance moves? I approve. I love you."
  • When they were doing an interview with Charlie and he says he has a crush on Helen Mirren and thinks she's foxy, Abraham claps Blake on the back and puts his forehead on his shoulder because he's cracking up so hard.
  • In a Tumblr finale blog, Abraham wrote "And in more ways than anyone else, Blake stretched the boundaries of my heart. Did you know that the first two times I was in the bottom three, he promised me that I would be back? And when I got eliminated and he hugged me, the words he whispered into my ear literally made the walk out of my choir room that much easier. He is, without a doubt, one of my best friends not just on this show, but in life."
  • Abraham tweeted "@Blake_Jenner deserves every good thing that comes his way. I am so happy for him and I love him. Gavin Degraw concert celebration soon!"
  • Abraham tweeted about them going to see "Hope Springs" together.
  • Abraham posted a video on his YouTube channel of Blake, Nellie and himself fooling around, and part of the video features Blake and Abraham dancing together and Blake dragging Abraham across the carpet by his ankles.
  • Abraham tweeted "At the @GavinDeGraw show with @Blake_Jenner! His first concert and an early birthday celebration :)"
  • Abraham tweeted "Hey @Blake_Jenner. So in Ohio, your name is Ryder. That's a pretty cool name :)"
  • In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Blake said he only told Lily and Abraham beforehand that he was going to write and read a poem for his LCP.
  • Abraham tweeted twice about Blake's birthday, the first (more heartfelt) one reading "It's @Blake_Jenner's birthday on the east coast! Happy birthday, buddy! See you soon back in LA! Love ya."
  • Abraham posted this conversation on his Tumblr:
Me: So... Blake, did you see Ryan Murphy's tweet?

Blake: ... No.

Me: Well, so here's the thing: you're gonna be on GLEE starting episode five.

Blake: NO WAY. (rambles on in excitement) Abraham, you're seriously my best friend and I love you.

Me: ... I love you too.

Blake: ... Well, you sounded like you just snorted a line of coke when you just said that.

  • Abraham tweeted a photo of Blake smelling his (Abraham's) hair and added "Blake's (@Blake_Jenner) been doing this recently and I... I just don't understand..."
  • Abraham was asked by a fan on Twitter about what he was looking forward to on the new season of Glee and he replied "@lorenamichelin can't wait to see @Blake_Jenner in episode 5!"
  • Abraham tweeted during the "Britney 2.0" episode "Watching tonight's episode of GLEE, all I could think of was how @Blake_Jenner is going to make his big debut in THREE EPISODES. AHHHHHH :)"
  • Abrhm tweeted "I just saw a GIF of @Blake_Jenner in the promo for the next episode of #GLEE and screamed. Squealed. Whatever. 9PM COULD NOT COME SOONER!" He also made a Tumblr post about how excited he was.
  • Abraham posted on Facebook on August 27, 2013: "Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Blake Jenner. When I first met you, I thought you would be one of those cool kids in high school I was afraid to approach, but you were nothing like my first impression. You were nice, incredibly hard-working, approachable, and had such a warmth to you. A year and a half later, I look back on our friendship and am so proud of how far you've come, how far I've come, and how much we've grown both together and individually. As great as this past year was, I know things will only get bigger and brighter for you in the years to come—and I'm excited to cheer you on every step of the way. I love you, Blake. Thank you for being in my life and... you're welcome for me being in yours. Happy 21st birthday. Love, Abraham."


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