Abraham's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Abraham in season two of The Glee Project.

Abraham's QuotesEdit


Abraham Lim

I'm pretty unique, pretty talented — not so bad on the eyes.

—Abraham, Individuality

Oh my god! Are you sucking his soul out?

—Abraham about Blake and Aylin's spin-the-bottle kiss, Dance-ability

I'm Asian, like I don't know if Asians are supposed to rap well, but I don't.

—Abraham, Fearlessness

Be free of any labels, be free of any social constructs. If you're a dude and you like pink then go rock that pink polo, like, right now. If you're a girl and you happen to dig sports and all these things that are considered "masculine" then go do it. That does not make you androgynous, that does not make you gay, that does not make you a lesbian, that makes you who you are.

—Abraham., Theatricality blog

Nikki: Lily, you're song is "Someone Like You" by Adele.
Lily: Yes! *falls to floor*
Abraham: You gave it to her?!?

—Abraham and Lily Mae to Nikki, Theatricality

I love you so much! I come here, and I see you in your beautiful little hat, and I'm just like, "Hello!"

—Abraham, to Ryan Murphy, Theatricality

If we end up doing the shoot for like 12 hours, I will hate the bitch that keeps messing up.

—Abraham, Tenacity

I'm not freaking leaving until I either win this competition or you write a role for me on Glee.

—Abraham, to Ryan Murphy, Tenacity

I'm a little surprised to be leaving. I think I just wanted it so bad, that I really believed that I would be here to the very end.

—Abraham, Tenacity

I'm leaving now with some amazing friends and some amazing experiences that I'll never forget. And I know it's gonna be a foundation for what will be an amazing adventure.

—Abraham, Tenacity

These are tears of joy, not sadness.

—Abraham, about crying after his elimination, Tenacity

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